Nylon straps - ropes - for Vink Calf Puller

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Best in Class
Vink - Calf Puller Best Quality. Stainless Steel construction. Strong. no slip design Nylon ropes for legs are strong and less likely to damage than chains. The only single-handed calving aid on the market. * Designed for single handed/single person operation * Unique rump frame encircles the hindquarters securely to prevent slippage * Stainless Steel construction is sturdy, won't rust and easy to clean * Comes with a 71� pole (180 cm) * Quick and easy to assemble * Tension can be immediately released if necessary * Suitable for prone and standing births Unique pivoting-fork design permits herdsman to efficiently draw calf in the ideal way - downward for normal or upward for breach presentations. No extra person needed to hold puller in place. Features a rotating lever system which greatly assists in maneuvering the calf during birth. Unique rump-frame encircles securely onto rear of cow, allowing both hands free; frame does not obstruct cow or calf making it nearly impossible for frame to slip out of position. 10 cm free-stroke (about 4 inches) feature enables herdsman to synchronize pulls and rests with cow's natural contractions so blood flow to the calf is not obstructed. Tension can be instantly and completely released by pushing lever toward cow. Especially helpful in difficult presentations. Two year warranty. Replacement rope set a link below