O-rings (6) for SS Quick Connect for Measuring Stick

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bag of 6 o-rings
No. 14 in detailed image drawing.
Fits 1090-002v 1/2 inch ID hose
Old Style quick connect
2 inch tank valve adapter  M-8800743
3 inch tank valve adapter  M-8800742
New Style larger quick connect
M-8826008 Bevel Seat Adapter connects to Mueller M-8823113 -3 inch milk tank valve
M-8826007 Bevel Seat Adapter connects to Mueller M-90601 -2 inch milk tank valve 
for Mueller-matic tank washer
OEM Original Parts Made in USA by Paul Mueller Co
Used to seal quick connect for external sight gauge wash hose
on Mueller and GEA WestfaliaSurge Koolway and Surge branded milk tanks
Same as GEA Farm Technologies part number 7750-0287-512

Made in USA


Original Parts by Paul Mueller Co