Original Diaphram for GEA Westfalia & BM sensors and meters

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Silicone diaphragms for Westfalia Take Off sensors and meters
also fits BM T/O
sold each.
Discount on 20 or more
Original parts by GEA Farm Technologies under the brand names of Westfalia and Surge
This diaphragm used in;
7038-2780-030 GEA Drain Valve
7053-2780-010 GEA Drain Valve
7801-2780-050 Diaphragm Valve
7801-2780-050 Diaphragm Valve
7053-2780-320 GEA Control Valve
7161-2780-080 GEA Control Valve
7161-2780-090 GEA Control Valve
7161-2780-170 GEA Control Valve
7750-0106-575 GEA Visoflow Air Valve
7161-6210-210 GEA Metatron Meter Body
7161-6210-240 GEA Metatron Meter Body
7161-9905-000 GEA Service Kit
7161-9905-010 GEA Metatron Service Kit
7161-9905-030 GEA Metatron Service Kit
7800-9905-081 GEA AMS Service Kit
7820-9905-010 GEA AMS Metatron Service Kit
7821-9990-509 GEA BOM FDA Box