PeraSpray Liner Sanitizer with Three Applicators

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Liner / Inflation sanitizing system
Inflations are a well-known source of transmission of mastitis pathogens from cow to cow. Cluster spraying with paracetic acid and the Automated Ambic PeraSpray is an effective way of sanitizing the cluster between cows. The PeraSpray has the advantage of delivering fresh solution at each spray and avoids the need to invest in expensive flushing systems. The PeraSpray is designed to work with peracetic acid (PAA also called peroxyacetic acid) which is safe, effective against mastitis pathogens, stable over a wide temperature range, and environmentally friendly. PAA requires only 10 seconds of contact to be effective and is approved for organic (check local regulations.) The design and development of the PeraSpray is backed by Ambic's world-wide reputation for top-quality mastitis control products. PeraSpray comes complete with power unit, three lever-operated applicators, cables, fittings and hanger hooks. Extension Kits may be ordered for additional drops, up to 50.