Pipeline Milking System for 16 goats or sheep without stalls

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Milk 16 goats or sheep at a time with this Parlor Milking System
Fits Single 16 or double 8 swing parlor  - Meets Grade A standards for USA & Canada 
• Stainless Steel Pipeline milking system
• Stainless Steel Milk Receiver with transfer pump and electronic milk pump controls (Glass jar may be available)
• Vacuum System. 7.5 HP Oil-less vacuum pump system with diaphragm type regulator, vacuum distribution tank, and thick wall PVC vacuum lines
• GEA Top Flow Z milking units
• Milk and pulsation hoses
• Electronic pulsation system – Speed adjustable 
• CIP Clean In Place. Milkers stay in parlor for in place washing
• Automatic Pipeline washing system (our best - see Compass link below)
• Wash Sinks. 1 Double stainless steel wash sink with wall mount bracket. 1 hand washing sink
• Mounting hardware for various components
Items not included but required:
• Parlor Stalls
• Milk cooling tank
• Freight
• Installation labor
Optional items
• Waikato DHIA ICAR style milk meters
• Metatron electronic milk meters
Actual components will be similar but may vary from pictures. Final price may be affected by local regulations, building codes and your state health department regulations. Prices subject to change with out notice. This package is an estimate only and not a quote. Freight, Installation labor and some parts are not included.
Please call for quote.