Portable Pumping station with air motor transfer pump

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Portable Milk Dump station.   For remote pumping of bucket milkers back to bulk tank.  Dump buckets where you milk into the receiver can and milk is pumped back to the bulk cooling tank

 Air Motor Version

Includes 38612 - 24 inch Milk filter Assembly with 3/4 inch hose ports

Modern version of 1940s design

all spare parts available.


Not included but required;

1090-008 3/4 inch milk transfer hose


1090-099 3/4 inch silicone milk transfer hose

Hose dryer



MPK-15 Milk Pump Seals Kit for Anderson

1011-123  1 HP painted motor for transfer pump

21544 1 HP stainless steel motor for transfer pump

38700 Pumping station with electric motor - 1 phase

38700-3  Pumping station with 3 phase electric motor (call to order)

38750 Pumping Station with air motor

38207 Hose Dryer motor