Rebuild Kit with Jetter Cups CIP Washing Fits Surge Jet Flow

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Rebuild kit for Surge Parlor CIP with open Top Jetter Manifold cup
Includes Rubber CIP cups 23566
Surge number was 11590
number on tab of jetter is WS57
4 x 7750-0223-566 Rubber Jetter Cups
4 x 7750-0221-590 Plastic CIP Distributor
4 x 7750-0221-592 Long CIP Stem
4 x 7750-0234-080 T piece for CIP
4 x Duck bill drain
Fits Jet Flow inflation liners such as 7750-0010-050 7750-0010-060 7750-0010-062
Commonly used with Eclipse and Orbit milkers
Original parts by GEA Farm Technologies inc Westfalia Surge brands
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