Rebuilt Westfalia AutoPuls Pulsator - earlier version

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Rebuilt Westfalia Autopuls  P pulsator
Washed and professionally rebuilt at Hamby Dairy Supply repair shop
Detail Image photos show inside of a pulsator before it was washed and rebuilt
Stand alone unit - Requires external 24 volt power supply
Note this item is built to order!
Not all parts are available.
Spare parts in stock include;
7041-2320-070 Westfalia Pulsator Mount with gasket
0007-2253-770 Gasket for 7041-2320-070
7051-9902-040 Major Rebuild Kit for Autopuls
7051-9904-050 Minor Rebuild Kit (old westfalia number)
7051-9905-010 Minor Rebuild Kit  (new GEA number)
Made in Germany by GEA WestfaliaSurge