Repair Parts for Bou-Matic® FR3 Vacuum Pump

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For small body FR3 vacuum pumps used in dairy barns and milking systems. Originally sold by Strangko and Bou-Matic Pump body is approx 8 inches long. Double check model prior to ordering Order parts separately. - set of 4 high quality long life Kevlar vanes. (7 1/4 inch vane length) - Long Life bearings (2 required) - Quality shaft seal(2 required) Note that vanes should be rectangle shape. if one side is worn more than the other, you should change them imediately. If a vane breaks, it can destroy one of these pumps. FR3 Vacuum pump specs (3 HP) - 30 CFM - 1500 RPM - 7.25 inch pump pulley - 6.25 inch Motor pulley - 3 hp motor Repair parts are not made or sold by Bou-Matic®. They are quality aftermarket parts sold satisfaction guaranteed.