Repair Parts for SURGE® SP11 Vacuum Pumps

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For Surge SP11 and BB vacuum pumps used in dairy barns and bucket milking systems. This is a common pump sold from the 1940s to 1960s. These were primarily installed with bucket systems. The BB pumps were made in the 1940s up to the introduction of the SP11 in 1954
The only parts available today are Surge vacuum pump oil, electric motors, belts and drain flappers
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Vacuum Pump Oil Only ships UPS Ground. 
***No mechanical parts for this pump are available today.***
Drain Flapper Valve;
Babson Surge number was 14834

GEA 7750-0014-834
Original Parts by GEA Farm Technologies Westfalia and Surge Brands
Pumps specifications listed below for your reference.
Replacement pump assemblies at links below
SP11 Vacuum pump specs
  • (1/2 HP) - 5.0 CFM - 440 RPM - 12 inch pump pulley - 3.25 inch Motor pulley - 1/2 hp motor - 1 quart oil capacity
  • (3/4 HP) - 5.5 CFM - 475 RPM - 12 inch pump pulley - 3.5 inch Motor pulley - 3/4 hp motor - 1 quart oil capacity