S&D New Style 3 inch tank valve adaptor, to attach valve to Quick Connect 8825995

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M-8826008 S&D
No. 13 in detailed image drawing.
***Note there are 2 versions of this item.  New style and old style.  Please double check measurement on hose connection before ordering.  See detail images for size.****
This is for factory seconds with minor cosmetic scratches that will not effect the ability to wash.   Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Limited stock available for the scratch and dent version.  
Connects M-8823113 - 3 inch Mueller Milk tank valve to M-8825995 quick connect
Replacement o-ring part number M-8801962
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M-8826008 Adapter connects to Mueller M-8823113 -3 inch milk tank valve (this item)
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Made in USA by Paul Mueller Co
December 2022