Sale! 16mm - 5/8 ID Green GEA Silicone Milk Hose / Tubing - 65ft aka 20 meter full roll

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GEA branded Silicone Milk Hose.
Green color - not opaque
65 foot roll.* 20 meters
5/8 inch I.D. (16mm) Grade A approved. Stays flexible in cold weather. Long life Preferred by many raw milk producers.
Temperature Rating: -80ºF to +500ºF Silicone milk tubing is sanitary and due to tightly bonded non-reactive pure silicone resins, unaffected by milk fat, bacteria or cleaning chemicals. Silicone has a longer life than other types of milk tubing when used with care.
Silicone is recommended for use with automated pinch valves.
*Note we also offer 1090-089 a thinner wall option with a blue stripe that is more flexible
This item available in Opaque or Green
Made in Germany
updated 03/2024