Sale! MICROFIBER DAIRY TOWEL Blue Heavier - Case of 250

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12 X 12 inch Blue Microfiber dairy towels

  • Case of 250
Absorbs 7 times their weight in water. Micro Fibers are like magnets for dirt and bacteria – cleaning much better than cotton or paper. Each square inch has 10’s of thousands miniature fibers that trap dirt and bacteria. Lint free. Unlike cotton towels, Microfiber will not clog your dryer vent, and drains with lint. Softer, longer life, more absorbent, dries faster than cotton. Low cost per use – Cheaper than paper or cotton towels . Many dairymen report saving hundreds of dollars per year compared to paper towels.
Wash and re-use. Lasts 700 – 1400 washings
Top Quality 
  • Heavier weight 34g for superior absorbency and long life
  • Hemmed edges – Won’t rip or tear
  • Machine Wash with detergent at 140 degrees F.
  • Lint Free
  • Environmentally friendly - Reuse hundreds of times
  • 100,000 sold!



Care Instructions:

Towels are to be washed with a mild detergent with warm water at less than 160°F, NO FABRIC SOFTENERS OR BLEACH.
Wash towels with like items, non-linting and similar in color. Prior to washing, remove all visible organic material from towel
as this is where bacteria can survive during the wash. Dry towels in dryer for no more than 30 minutes at 160°F or less.
NOTE: Sawdust bedding may stick to new towels, but this will go away after repeated washings.

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