Sold Out! Home Ice Chest Milk Can Cooler

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ice chest cooler
sold out. cans are available but cooler is out of stock
Cool 5 gallon of milk in this Simple design. Includes 4 stainless milk cans and the cooler. Discount on 2 or more. the milk cans have thin walls that allow for fast cooling. Just add 5 gallon of milk and ice. Fill 1 to 4 jugs with milk. Each jug holds about 5 quarts. add ice. As the ice melts the milk cools. Ice Water is the fastest way to cool small quantities of milk. Here is the science behind ice cooling. Cooling is really transferring heat from one area to another. A home refrigerator cools by transferring heat via cold air circulated within the Refrigerator. Refrigerators work fine for maintaining a cold temp but they are slow and inefficient for cooling milk down to 39 degrees. Each pound of milk cooled one degree releases 1 BTU of heat. Cooling milk from 99 degree (harvest temperature) to 39 degrees will require removing 60 BTUs of heat for each pound of milk. a gallon is 8.6 pounds of milk. 60 x 8.6 = 516 BTUs of heat to remove for each gallon of milk. Cooling via cold air is the slowest method of cooling. Cold water is much more efficient. Water transfers the heat out of milk much faster than air. Add ice and the efficiency increases dramatically. When ice changes state (melts) it absorbs 144 BTUs per pound. Approx 3 1/2 pounds of Ice will cool each gallon of milk. Your results will vary based on how cold you want the milk, the starting temp of your milk and how much heat loss comes from the room your cooling in. You may choose to partially cool your milk with the ice chest then let the Frig do the rest. Before electricity came to the country, our Grandparents had Ice Chests for cooling. they used the same scientific principle as this. By putting a block of ice in the 'Ice Box' or 'Ice Chest' they were able to keep perishables cold. It was not the ice keeping the ice box cold, it was the ice melting that absorbed the heat and kept the food at a safe temperature. If you have more than 5 gallon to cool at one time, but not enough for a commercial dairy bulk milk tank, then you may want to invest in an ice maker. You can find good used ice machines just like every floor of every hotel and every restaurant uses. 18 pounds (Please note this item ships oversize, so shipping cost may be based on the box size not weight)
updated 7/21