Sold Out - Temperature Chart Recorder - 48-hour Single Pen

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Discontinued by Mueller
The Anderson Chart Recorder is the recommended replacement - see link below
 7750-0101-110  7 day Chart Recorder GEA / Anderson
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48-hour Single Pen
■ Power Requirements: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
■ Fahrenheit display. (Celsius available for all models) The circular chart recorder monitors and documents your milk and wash water temperatures. It ensures that your milk is properly cooled and stored at the required temperatures to achieve the highest quality. High and low temperature alarm outputs provide early notification of cooling problems, preventing spoiled milk and lost income. Early detection of cleaning problems is insured by monitoring the wash cycle times and temperature. Features and Benefits
■Adjustable high/low temperature alarms. Alerts you of high or low temperature cooling problems, preventing lost loads of milk.
■ Records both wash water temperature and wash time. Eliminates another potential source of bacteria.
■ Continuously monitors storage and wash cycle temperatures. Around-the-clock quality control for the highest quality milk and the highest possible premiums.
■ Battery backup. A 9-volt DC battery provides 48 hours of operation in the event of a power failure.
■ Hard-copy, color-coded chart continuously documents temperature control process. Proof of quality control reduces waste and hot load liability; easy to read and transfer data.
■ Inverse charts feature low temperatures on outer bands and shaded “safeâ€? area. Easier-to-read circular chart displays current and historical temperatures at a glance.
■ NEMA-4X rated enclosure, UL tested and approved system. Recorder with NEMA-4X rated protection from moisture and corrosion; UL approved system.
■ Includes recorder, software, sensor with 50' cable. Pre-calibrated and ready to install.
■ Charts, pens and replacement parts available from Hamby Dairy Supply or any Mueller authorized dealer worldwide