Sold Out - Tomorrow Mastitis Tubes - Sold Each

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December 2020 - Sold Out.  The factory is not currently making this item.
***Today is available again as of December 31***
Dry Cow Mastitis Tubes. Intramammary infusion for treatment of mastitis in dry cows.
Tomorrow is a broad spectrum, effective treatment for sub-clinical mastitis in dry cows. For treating mastitis (udder infection) in dairy cows during the dry period but no later than 30 days prior to calving.
Sold each. 
Tomorrow is active in the dry cow against strep., staph. and E. Coli organisms. Kills susceptible strains of mastitis-causing bacteria, including penicillin-resistant staph aureus. Contains Cephapirin Benzathine. Exclusive Opto-Sert tip gives you the option of partial insertion into the teat canal, which can reduce new mastitis infection by up to 50%. 72-hour milk withholding and 42-day slaughter withdrawal. Each 10 mL disposable syringe contains 300 mg of cephapirin activity.
Made in USA by Boehringer Ingelheim
***This item is Not For Sale to California Residents***