Sold! Used DariKool 1000 gallon milk cooler with twin condensing units Model DKE

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Used 1000 gallon DariKool brand milk cooler.
Sold! Sold! Sold! Used 1000 gallon DariKool brand milk cooler. detail images show design and style. photos shot before cleaning. Tank was bulkheaded inside a building. that is why there is a vertical stripe on the side of the tank. it is just dirt and caulking from the bulk head. agitator drive needs a seal. you can see the gear oil leaked on tank. Width: 59 7/8 inches Length: 10' 6" (not counting valve) Height: 60 inches (not counting agitator drive) Note - Height is adjustable Model DKE Serial number 2227 Includes: 2 - 3 hp condensing units HD agitator drive Mueller wand style tank washer with Mueller 2 jar wash control box FOB - Delivery available - call with your zip code for quote