Sold! Used Surge 500 gallon Milk Tank for storage or transport

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Surge 85005
Used Surge Milk Tank
Pickup Only
55 inches wide
Agitator is not included
this is a NON COOLING tank for storage or transport.
Does not include a valve!
Valve Options;
a sanitary food grade valve is available.   a plumbing type valve for water transport is available.   a hose fitting with no valve is also available.
Washer not included but it is an option.
this tank will not cool.  it is storage and transport only
Inner tank is made of 304 stainless steel
Excellent tank for a product mix tank, water tank, Rainwater collection tank, transport tank.
Calibration chart and stick are available depending on its future use
Model 85005 Made in USA by Babson Bros Co in Osceola Iowa
Bulk Milk Tank Cooler