SS Disk for ITP 205, 200, classic, quickie goat claws

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SS disk that goes inside ITP 205 goat claw aka Stainless shutoff.
Fits ITP 205, 200 classic claw, quickie claw, Parts Dept and Ezee goat claws.
63538 920858-3

ITP 205 Spare Parts - See Links below

ITP2040005 Upper O-Ring

ITP2040004 Lower O-Ring

ITP2050019 Wash Pin

ITP2050006 Diffuser

ITP2040002 Screw on black bottom

ITP2000003 Stainless Steel Shutoff disk

ITP2059001 Set of 2 ITP205 Goat / sheep milker autovalves

Made in Italy

Original parts by Interpuls