SS Handle Only - Locking Nut for Plunger Style Outlet Valve for DEC Dari-Kool Milk Tank

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SUN5713926 DK4013626
***ONLY item 11 in parts drawing***
Fits DEC, Dari-Kool and Bou-Matic - Some other brands with a Plunger Outlet Valve
Note there are several versions of this nut that all look alike but DO NOT FIT
Please look closely at the parts drawing
Call to confirm
See detail drawing and pictures at left
Note Parts drawing detail;
DK= DariKool, DEC or BouMatic Milk Cooler
Sunset = Sunset Milk Coolers
#             Part Number    Description
4 -           4013395          2 inch Nut Left and Right hand threaded
5 -           4013977          DK O-Ring for stem
5 -           2356600          Sunset O-Ring for stem
8 -           4013978          DK Stem, 7 inch with groove for o-ring
8-            5713930          Sunset Stem, 7 inch with groove for o-ring
11-          4013626           DK SS Handle (Locking Nut)
11-          5713936           Sunset SS Handle (Locking Nut)
21-          8500895           DK  Spring Clip for #11 SS Handle
21-          7600121           Sunset Hairpin Clip for #11 SS Handle
Measure twice;  this item is not returnable
 This outlet valve is 2 x 1.5.  Call for availability of a 2 x 2 option
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