Stainless Steel Transport Tank - 525 gallon

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Transport Tank made from 304 stainless steel

Special Order - Please call for availability and lead times.

Made from High Quality 304 Stainless Steel.

Specs: Commercial grade. Dual Walls made of Grade A quality pure 304 stainless steel. Internal tank is highly polished for sanitation. Double walls have poly urethane insulation to keep milk cool during transport. Internally plumbed for optional CIP Washer. MilkPlan, Sunset, GEA Koolway, or DEC washers will work with the CIP system.

New with some external damage from shipping. - Cosmetic only. will not affect usability. See photos for the dent and scratches

Limited supply in stock.

Lid or manhole cover with vent is included. (see detail image) High polish gloss finish on Stainless steel.

2000 litres - 525 gallon capacity.

Oval design improves stability during transport due to lower center of gravity .

Base has 4 mounting locations each with 4 predrilled and tapped and installed bolts. Customer must provide a skid or legs or mount of choice depending on its final application and use. See detail image photos. It is currently bolted to an angle iron frame for warehouse storage.

Use in dairy farm, creamery, cheesemaking, beer or wine making. Many food processing uses.

Water Transport and storage - Rainbarrel - Can be adapted to catch rain water from a roof


  • 52 inch width
  • 43 inch height including the manhole cover - not including legs or mounts.
  • 94 inch body length not including wash pipe or drain valve.
  • Mount in a truck or trailer

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Transport tanks available in following sizes;

130 gallons aka 500 liter

210 gallons aka 750 liter

264 gallons aka 1000 liter

396 gallons aka 1500 liter

528 gallons aka 2000 liter

660 gallons aka 2500 liter

792 gallons aka 3000 liter

1050 gallons aka 4000 liter

Plan ahead!  Some sizes are special order with lead time of 3 - 6 months. 



Spare Parts;

MP-TTSG40 Silicone Gasket for Milk Plan Transport Tank