Sunset 6 cycle Tank Washer - complete

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1 hp Sunset Bulk Tank Washer
4 or 6 cycle user adjustable Sunset Bulk Tank Washer - complete. 1.0 hp 115v or 230v  Pre-rinse without recirculation--only clean water sprayed into tank and drained directly out.  Rinse Cycle - Lukewarm water, recirculated, tempers tank interior, drained.  Wash Cycle - Hot water and detergent recirculated, positive cleaning, then drained.  Rinse Cycle - Optional acidified rinse, recirculated, drained. OFF (Manual Advance - Some users prefer to skip last two cycles; some prefer to delay sanitizing until just before milking.)  Sanitize Cycle - Sanitize bulk tank. Includes automatic bulk tank wash controller (top left photo), drain assembly, 1.0 hp wash pump (bottom left photo). All required tubing, hoses and fittings are included. Thousands of tanks are washed every day with Sunset's proven wash technology. Make chore time easier and do a better job of cleaning your tank. Fits Sunset, some Surge and DEC tanks Adaptable to most flat top tanks. All replacement parts available from Hamby Dairy Supply Manufacturer: Sunset Larger Photos below W81510082