Surge drain for Alamo vacuum filter

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Automatic vacuum line drain with flapper
For Gea Surge Alamo vacuum filter systems
3/8 NPT
 Made in USA by Gea Farm Technologies Inc
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Original Parts
Spare Parts & Related Items;
7750-0214-865 Original foam air filters for Surge Vacuum filter
7750-0214-864 old filter number
67225 Generic stiffer filter for alamo vacuum
7750-0014-379  Rubber Envelope Gasket for Surge Vacuum tank and filter
7750-0013-546  Backup Screen with holes for alamo filter - warning sharp edges!
7750-0014-746  3/8 NPT bottom drain for alamo vacuum filter
7750-0014-906 painted tank top for alamo balance tank / filter assembly - smooth hose fitting
7750-0013-134 Stainless Steel filter half with 1.5 inch NPT threaded fitting that screws into alamo 30 /40 /60 /75 / 100 vacuum pumps
7750-0013-149 Stainless Steel filter half with 3 inch slip fit fitting for Alamo vacuum filters
updated 4/23