Surge Eclipse® Milker - Used Stanchion barn or herringbone

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Used Surge Eclipse Milking Unit

sold as is.   You will need to replace gaskets.  Windows might need replacing

new window kits in stock.  shells and inflations also in stock.

Stanchion barn model with hanging hook on top.  works with Herringbone and bucket milkers too

These milking units are no longer available new.

Order Shells, inflations and air divider available separately

Babson Bros Surge number 34150

GEA Westfalia Surge number 7750-0034-150

Spare Parts

Lens with gasket and spring - non vented 7750-0112-429

Lens with gasket - non vented 7750-0112-428

Gaskets 7750-0234-162

Spring - 10447

Inflations (liners) 7750-0010-060 or 7750-0010-062

Air divider - 11487, 10340


06 style - 4306

Jet Flow style - 4317


updated November 2023

OEM GEA Westfalia Surge used Eclipse milking unit