Surge High Volume Remote air injector Valve

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Remote Valve Only as shown.
Vacuum operated
Control and mounting pads available separately
Made in USA by GEA Farm Technologies Inc.  WestfaliaSurge
7750-0116-459 air operated version available - call for details
13700 Surge Air Injector Valve
7750-0013-700 Gea Air Injector Valve
Related Items and Controls;
Spare Parts;
7750-0033-457 Rebuild Kit for 7750-0116-458 Surge Remote Vacuum Air Injector Valve
7750-0013-707 Air injector screen with plugs
7750-0112-733 Plugs for GEA Surge air injector
7750-0022-976 Rubber valve kit - 1.5 inch
7750-0110-550 Lower Cover
7750-0121-360  Screen With holes
7750-0213-680  Air Filters - 6 pack
7750-0023-059  Cylinder Cup
7750-0227-652  Vee Packing for Cylinder Cup - sold each
7750-0227-701  Spring for Cylinder Cup
High Volume Air Injector Remote Mounting Kits - call for pricing and to order

7750-0116-460 Remote Injector Mounting Pkg. for 2” Tubing
7750-0116-461 Remote Injector Mounting Pkg. for 3” Tubing
7750-0116-462 Base Air Injector 1.5” Tri-Clover
7750-0116-463 Base Air Injector 1.5” Tri-Clover w/5/8” Nipple
Updated 11/23