Surge® Milk Filter Frame for 2.0 inch

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New Original Surge Milk Filter Frame

Provides maximum support yet allows full flow to reduce back pressure.

Fits 2.0 stainless steel tubing with 2.0 Surge Ferrules

Gasket and o-rings included.

Use 2 3/4 x 23.5 milk filter socks (see below)

Replacement parts and milk filters at link below

Made in USA by GEA Farm Technologies Inc Westfalia Surge


Spare Parts and Related Items

7750-0220-684 O-rings for 2 inch Surge Filter Frame

7750-0220-679 Pipeline Gasket for filter frame connection. Basically a Surge Gasket without the center rubber

D591  2.75 x 23.5 KenAg Ultra Flow Milk Filter Socks

1000-542 Clamp for 2 inch Surge

 Updated 8/23