Tank Valve adapter kit - Bevel seat to NPT Pipe Thread - 2.0 inch - Call To Order

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3 piece kit for adapting milk tank valve to common plumbing pipe thread
***Requires Welding*** (see note below for one already welded together; part number 3862w)
Long neck for ease of welding.
***Measure Twice - Not returnable***
B = 2.0 inch - Tubing diameter is 2 inch
the ferrule on the end of the tubing is NOT what you measure!
Weld style Fits bevel seat fittings.
ACME Bevel Seat Thread 14A2.0


***** Note this item is available already welded together - see part number 3862w

3 piece Kit Includes;

1000-385 Male Bevel Seat Weld On ferrule
1000-392 - 1.5 Stainless Steel Hex Nut
1000-362 - Weld On NPT for pipe thread
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