The Family Cow Book

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The Family Cow.
by Dirk van Loon. 
More than 52,000 copies sold. The essential how-to guide for anyone who decides to keep a cow. Practical, fully-illustrated chapters with accurate information on buying, behavior, nutrition, breeds, handling, feeding, milking, healthcare, calving, and growing feed crops.
I love the informative, down-to-earth advice that The Family Cow offers. I checked this book out of the library so many times that I decided it was an essential guide for our small farm to own. - S.R. MI
Wonderfully informative and well organized. I enjoyed the writing style of Dirk van Loon immensely. Can not wait to put those ideas to use when buying and keeping a cow a few years down the road. Thanks for a great book. -T.R. TX
We found this book to be very informative and easily understood. We are just starting out and found it extremely helpful in many of our situations. Thank you and keep up the good work. - L.R. KS
352 pages. Paperback.
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