Threaded Ring for Metatron rebuild by GEA WestfaliaSurge

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Threaded Ring for Metatron milk meters and Visoflow sensors
Made in Germany by GEA WestfaliaSurge®
Original parts by GEA Farm Technologies inc
Used by;

7053-2437-340 GEA Visoflow
7053-2437-370 GEA Visoflow
7053-2437-430 GEA Visoflow
7053-9944-030 GEA EasyStart
7161-6210-210 GEA Metatron Milk Meter
7161-6210-240 GEA Metatron Milk Meter
7421-1970-090 GEA Cylinder
7161-2313-000 GEA vacuum cap adaptor
7161-1702-050 GEA silicone Diaphragm
7161-1734-040 GEA plunger valve assembly
0007-3239-890 GEA silicone mounting gasket
91980 Aftermarket rebuild kit
91970 Aftermarket plunger valve body assembly
99751 Aftermarket silicone diaphragm
7161-9905-030 Metatron Rebuild kit with kickoff option - please call to order this item