TLC-U1 Triangle Inflation (Liner) for Universal - set of 4

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UN-282T 25059
Fits 96 niversal Visi Shells
Set of 4.
Triangle Inflation / Liner for Universal shells.
Bag of 4 marked TLC-U1

The triangular body of TLC inflation liners gently cradles the teat, permitting uniform teat massage and blood circulation without the teat end pinch possible with ordinary inflations.  Soft, resilient rubber combines with a three-way massage for the ultimate in gentle milking.

TLC means Triangular Liner Collapse, but it all comes down to Tender Loving Care for your cows' comfort and udder health.  11516


Narrow bore with milk tube designed for full view claws. Fits Universal Clear visi shell and Hamby shell 64533
Also fits Universal Stainless shell shown in detail image.
Replaces; Universal 281 Universal 282 Milk Rite 282U, IU-282 Conewango IU-282 Maes M275 Team / Meltec 4999-1100-026 4999-1100-024 Safgard
25059 Triangle inflation liner for Universal brand
25096 Round inflation liner for Universal brand
Made in USA