Umbilical Cord Clamp - 10 pack

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Cord Clamp - Bag of 10
Umbilical clamps seal the cord to prevent infection and stop blood loss.
Reduces risk of disinfectants or irritants entering via the cord. E.coli scours, Joint-ill, and other infections may find their way into the newborn animal via the umbilical cord.
Directions for use;
Attach as soon as possible after birth.
Remove after 24 to 48 hours.
Place clamp approximately 5mm from top of umbilical cord.
Cut cord below clamp to prevent suckling.
Photo shows 1 - you will receive a Bag of 10
Use with calves, kids, lambs, colts, cria.
Ideal for piglets as clamps are large enough not to fall through creep floors.
2.5 inch length (65mm)