Vitamin E & Selenium Gel - 15 dose tube - All Natural

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Unique combination of Selenium & Vitamin E at levels designed for goats.
Packaged in an easy to use Dial-a-Dose tube
Selenium and Vitamin E Gel for Goats is packaged in an 30ml(cc) dial-a-dose tube containing 15 - 2ml(cc) doses.
•All Natural Selenium and Vitamin E
•Correct level of Selenium •Real Gel Base
•Easy to use dial-a-dose tube
•Palatable Butterscotch Base
Available in 30ml and 80ml size
Both the Selenium Selenite and Vitamin E are ALL NATURAL. Selenium and Vitamin E Gel is in a Real Gel ™ base that melts at body temperature so when administered it will not roll off the tongue. The Vitamin E level is 200 IU per 2ml (cc) dose. The maximum level of Selenium is at 3 ppm per animal. Each 2ml (cc) dose contains 23.2 mcg (1 ppm) of Selenium.
This product is to be used as the sole source of Selenium. A butterscotch flavor has been added for increased palatability.
Newborn 2ml
Adult 4ml
To be used once every 30 days