Waikato 320 Cow Milking Unit Parlor Model Claw only

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Waikato's most successful claw ever and was developed with the help of NZ farmers.
The Waikato 320 claw Basic claw only as shown in main picture. (Parlor Model No Shutoff)
Complete claw in separate listing. Stainless Steel top. Super tough plastic bottom. Waikato's most successful claw ever and was developed with the help of NZ farmers. Big volume, high flow rate and stable vacuum are just a few of the benefits this claw offers. The strong, robust bowl design resists damage like no other claw. Stainless steel tops and longer nipples ensure longer life and superior liner fit. Available with auto shut off for general use or plain bowls for use with cup removers, this claw has all the features that you'd expect from a claw a lot more expensive than this. Low maintenance and few replacement parts make this claw an economical option in any dairy. Features include: Light weight 420g High capacity 320ml Large bore nipples evacuate the liners faster and ensure more stable vacuum at the teat end Stainless steel top and nipples add strength and durability See-through bowl allows the operator to observe the milk-flow from any angle Automatic and non automatic shut-off versions available Large rubber bowl buffer absorbs and minimizes impact damage
19mm 5/8 inch milk outlet nozzle
Simple design minimizes maintenance Hooks provided for cup removers and normal use
5 year warranty! 
If you break a Waikato 320 Claw Bowl within 5 years from the date of purchase, we will replace it free of change - no questions asked.
Waikato Milking Systems is a company focused on research and development into new and exciting products and has a team of people continually setting the standards others try and follow.
all spare parts available
Made in New Zealand