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Winning the Fight Against Mastitis€
The most comprehensive mastitis reference tool available today.
by W. Nelson Philpot, Ph.D. and Stephen C. Nickerson, Ph.D.
Topics covered:
  • Definition of mastitis
  • Forms and prevalence of mastitis
  • The economic losses associated with the disease
  • Identification of the origin of the microorganisms causing mastitis
  • Strategies for prevention
  • The latest information on treatment programs.
Winning the Fight Against Mastitis is the most comprehensive mastitis reference tool available today. Both Dr. Philpot and Dr. Nickerson have extensive backgrounds in mastitis research and have each authored other books such as Mastitis Management and Mastitis Counterattack. The standards on milk quality continue to change, and the importance of mastitis control continues to be a major contributing factor in achieving the highest milk quality objectives. Winning the Fight Against Mastitis is dedicated to helping producers understand and control this very costly disease, and attain their milk quality goals. A great resource guide for veterinarians, dairy producers, dairy extension, industry personnel, or anyone interested in milk quality.
GEA Farm Technologies aka WestfaliaSurge is proud to publish this handbook that explores the disease of mastitis from every aspect. As a supplier to the dairy producer, we continue our long-standing commitment to provide the latest information on milk quality and mastitis control.
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