0/398 Silicone Cow Inflation (set of 4) for Surge® Bucket Milker

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Standard silicone liner for Jet Flow shells
Replacement silicone inflation (Liner) for Surge Bucket as shown in photo.
For regular size teat size (fits 98% of cows and normal sized goat teats)
standard bore and regular stem
Fits stainless steel shell 4317 (see below)
Fits Surge Jet Flow shell
Fits Surge Fast Flow shell
Does not fit most shells originally sold on the Surge Bucket Milker.
Look closely at the shells - Order 4 of 4317 to fit if yours are different in any way.
Overall length 9.5 inches.
Stem length 4 3/8 inches
Head outside diameter is 2 1/4 inches.
Engraved 0/398 on head. Long Life silicone formula is soft and translucent for fast gentle milking. Milk flow is visible through the milk tube (stem). Lasts one year for most milking applications. Silicone is easier to clean than some rubber formulas.
Order 1 (set of 4) per Surge bucket milker
similar to 4710 - 0/300 which has a shorter milk tube
Made in Italy
***this item is not returnable, so make sure it fits your shell before you order.
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