Spare Parts Kit for Surge® Bucket - Clear Silicone Standard Bore Inflations

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For Cow milking Only
*** all items available separately in case you do not need the stainless steel shells ***
Replacement parts kit for Surge Bucket Milker includes;
  • 4 x 398 Opaque standard bore silicone inflation liners for regular size teat size (fits 98% of cows) standard bore and regular stem
  • 4 x 4317 used stainless steel shells*
  • 4 x MZ13160 8 inch air tubes with green stripe
  • 1 x 7750-2902-455 Genuine long life Original thick lid gasket
  • 8 foot clear vacuum hose**
*Shells are included because the silicone inflations do not fit shells originally sold with the Surge milker.
**Clear hose so you can see if it needs cleaning or replacing. Plugged up vacuum hoses are a common cause of pulsator failure.
This kit will put your bucket milker back in service or make your antique shine!
Included in Rebuilt Surge Bucket Milker packages 4301. 4303 and 1524
For instructions, history and more information about the surge bucket milker, go to
This item is not returnable.
old sku 501-10175
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Inflation liners that fit 4317 Surge style Jet flow shells;
398 Silicone Opaque liners 0398 0/398