Spare Parts Kit for Surge® Bucket - Clear Silicone Standard Bore Inflations

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Includes 398 standard bore silicone inflations, lid gasket, air tubes, and vacuum hose.
Replacement parts kit for Surge Bucket Milker. For Cow milking. Includes; - silicone inflations (4) for regular size teat size (fits 98% of cows) standard bore and regular stem - used stainless steel shells for silicone inflations. Shells are included because the silicone inflations do not fit shells originally sold with the Surge milker. - Genuine Surge Air tubes - Genuine long life Original thick lid gasket - 8 foot clear vacuum hose. We provide clear hose so you can see if it needs cleaning or replacing. Plugged up vacuum hoses are a common cause of pulsator failure. This kit will put your bucket milker back in service or make your antique shine! All items are available individually - see links below For instructions, history and more information about the surge bucket milker, go to This item is not returnable. old sku 501-10175