1 Nigerian / MiniGoat / Sheep Top Flow Z Milking Conversion Kit for Surge Bucket

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Handyman special!

**1 Goat Conversion Kit for Mini Size Goats such as Nigerian Dwarf or Kinders or Sheep

Provides about 4 foot from udder to Surge Bucket Lid

Parts kit for converting Surge bucket Milker for goat milking. This kit will allow you to milk 1 goat with your surge bucket. Provides about 3 foot from Udder to bucket lid.

Kit includes;

  • 2 x GEA Top Flow Z Nigerian / Sheep milking assemblies with built in shutoff
  • 2 x 4 foot of 3/8 I.D.  silicone milk tubing
  • 2 x 4 foot of 1/4 I.D. pulsator hose (for Original Metal Surge Pulsator)
  • 2 extra short hoses to plug off unused pulsator ports and milk inlets
GEA TopFlow Z has a practical design for easy attachment — the simple act of sliding on the teat cup jackets activates the vacuum on or off. No additional buttons to push or switches to hit. The TopFlow simply makes your daily milking routine easier and more efficient. Higher milk quality — special valve technology in the teat cup jackets ensures that the vacuum supply will be immediately shut-off should a teat cup fall-off, protecting the overall quality of milk harvested on your operation. Gentle milk transport — without a collection bowl – the direct ventilation on the teat cup jacket accelerates the transport of milk to the milk hose, preventing any blockage effects.
Even with your highest producers, uninterrupted, smooth milk flow is guaranteed with the GEA  TopFlow Z milking unit.  Top Flow Z goat and sheep milking units have been in use on commercial dairy farms since 2004.  Made in Germany by GEA Farm Technologies - Westfalia and Surge brand names.
Silicone Milk Hose is long life, strong yet flexible (does not get brittle in cold weather), and some raw milk advocates believe it is superior to plastic milk hose for milk quality.
Tip:  Heat the ends of the black stripe pulsator tubing by putting in a quart of Hot Tap Water for 3 minutes.  that will soften the tubing and it will slide right on the Top Flow Z and pulsator ports
Grade A approved milking components - Meet FDA and Grade A standards in USA and Canada. 

Kit assembled at Hamby Dairy Supply LLC with components Made In USA and Germany

NOT INCLUDED is the stainless steel lid and pulsator. These are shown for illustration purposes.


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 Please Note;  This kit and any items used in milk production are not returnable