2 Goat Milking Conversion Kit for Surge Bucket

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Handyman special!

Conversion Kit allows you to milk 2 full size goats at a time with your Surge Bucket. Provides about 3 foot from Udder to bucket lid.

Kit includes

3/8 silicone milk tubing sku 514-2900380FT

1/4 thick wall pulsator tubing sku 1090-015

4 semi automatic goat milking claws sku 501-200

4 - 3/8 shutoffs for milk line sku 501-803.38

4 silicone inflations sku 1120-047

4 clear plastic shells sku 501-700

This kit is for milking 2 goats as shown in photo.

Silicone is used because it is long life, stong yet flexible (does not get brittle in cold weather), and some raw milk advocates believe it is superior to plastic milk hose for milk quality.

NOT INCLUDED is the stainless steel pail, lid and pulsator. These are shown for illustration purposes. All items shown in picture are available to purchase individually. old sku: 501-GSCONVKIT2


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