1042 Blank lid for storage and transport Fits *Tall Handle* Hamby, Coburn & Delaval bucket

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1042 33042
Hamby part number 1042
Blank stainless steel lid for storage and transport.
This item is a milk contact item and is not returnable.   Check to be sure this is the correct lid for your application.
Call us at 800-306-8937 if you have any questions.
Taller Handle Height of 5.7 inches - see detail image
Fits long handled stainless steel buckets 30136, 30156, 30166, 30181, 30191
Fits long handled plastic eco buckets ITP2619006 and ITP2619002
Fits Hamby Dairy Supply 1501, 4501 cow bucket milkers.
Fits all lids using the Green GEA Westfalia VacuPuls pulsator
1053s Gasket included.
Fits tall handled DeLaval buckets.
Fits stainless steel buckets sold by Hamby Dairy Supply.  Scroll down to see buckets.
High quality finish 1042
Short Handle version available -> 33040