50# Interpuls EcoBucket *Tall handle* Grade A approved

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Out of Stock - July 2024
5 gallon capacity - empty weight is just 6 pounds
Plastic Milking Bucket with Longer handle.  aka Tall Handle
Use for Grade A milking or fresh cow pail
The Eco-Bucket is made of semi-transparent, translucent FDA-approved material. It features smooth seamless molded interior and a raised reinforcement ring at the bottom for strength and ease of gripping. Eco-Bucket has a stainless steel (short) locking handle, snap-on handle attachment (fits either side of bucket) and molded-in permanent scale marked in lbs. and kgs.
Top OD is 7-3/4" (195cm). OD = Outside Dimension
Handle dimension from top of bucket to bottom of handle is 5.6 inches. (see detail image for how to measure)
Approximately 16 inches tall.
14 inch diameter footprint.
Wt. 6 lbs.  Ships oversize
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Replacement for Hamby Dairy Supply portable milking systems, DeLaval, Coburn, Caprine Supply, Parts Dept and others using the long handle style bucket
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2619009 Short Handle version in stock
Made In Italy by Interpuls