5/8 SS Clampon CIP Nipple for 2 inch stainless pipe

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Fits 5/8 milk hose
CIP nipple for 2.0 inch O.D. stainless steel pipeline
to connect Clean In Place hose to wash line
also used as milk inlet on some permanent installations
Stainless Steel strap-on pipe nipple fits 5/8 milk hose
Pipe not included - just for illustration of how this mounts (note illustration is not on a 2 inch ss tube)
Spare Parts;
Order Gasket 1060-212 shown below
available in 3 packages depending on the O.D. of the stainless Steel pipeline
56310 5/8 I.D. hose x 1.5 inch O.D. pipeline
56311 - 5/8 I.D. hose x 2.0 inch O.D. pipeline
56312 - 5/8 I.D. hose x 3.0 inch O.D. pipeline
Use with Milk Hoses;
1090-005 - clear plastic hose
1090-089 - Silicone milk hose
1090-096 - silicone milk hose