65# Interpuls EcoBucket *Tall Handle* Grade A approved

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7 gallon capacity - 30 Liter - 31.5 Quart
Empty weight is just 8 pounds
Plastic Milking Machine Bucket with long handle.
Use for Grade A milking or fresh cow pail The Eco-Bucket is made of semi-transparent, translucent FDA-approved material.
Features smooth seamless molded interior and a raised reinforcement ring at the bottom for strength and ease of gripping. Eco-Bucket has a stainless steel (short) locking handle, snap-on handle attachment (fits either side of bucket) and molded-in permanent scale marked in lbs. and kgs.
Handle dimension from top of bucket to bottom of handle is approx 5.6"
See third picture for how to measure handle height
Grade A approved for USA and Canada
18.5 inches tall.
14 inch diameter footprint.
Top OD is 7-3/4" (195cm).
Replacement for Hamby Dairy Supply portable milking systems, DeLaval, Coburn, Caprine Supply, Parts Dept and others using the long handle style bucket
Fits these lids;
ITP3100002 Interpuls poly lid for ITP pulsators
1095 -  1 inlet Lid for Green GEA vacupuls pulsator - to milk 1 cow, 1 goat or 1 sheep
1541 -  1 inlet Lid for Blue Interpuls L02 pulsator - to milk 1 cow, 1 goat, or 1 sheep
1511 -  1 inlet Lid WITH Blue L02 Interpuls pulsator 60/40 to milk 1 cow or 1 goat
3572 - 2 inlet Lid With Blue L02 Interpuls pulsator - to milk 2 goats
33042 - Blank lid - Tall Handle - for storage and transport
34010 - Fresh Cow Lid for Tall Handle 30166 stainless steel bucket

Spare Parts;
2610020  Snap-on Blue Handle Bracket
2600242 Replacement Long Handle for Interpuls Buckets
2610005 Snap-on Blue Bottom Ring
2619002  Long Handle Bucket
2619001 Short Handle Bucket

Made In Italy by Interpuls