Ambic Classic Teat Sprayer System with 3 Lever Style Guns Free Shipping

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Comes with 3 drop kits. Add up to 20, but  operates a maximum of 2 guns at a time
• 25 year track record - Used world wide
• Vacuum operated, no electricity required
• Starts and stops automatically with operation of teat spray gun
• Dump valve depressurizes the system after shut down, eliminating the possibility of pumping a barrel of teat dip down the drain
• User friendly slimline gun
• Low cost maintenance and a full line of spare parts are available
• Can be expanded to 20 gun system
Installation Information:
• Maximum number of guns to operate simultaneously is 2
• Maximum line length is 80 ft. (24 m)
• CFM required is 1.8/50 L/M at 15 in. HG/50 kpa
GEA 4999-1160-400
ambic ATS400
all spare parts  available from Hamby Dairy Supply