Best Value! Ambic Jetstream Teat Sprayer System with 3 Lever Style Guns - Free Shipping

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Best value!
Blue comes standard,  call us if you want green or orange
The Ambic Jetstream Teat Spray System is a fully vacuum operated system and requires no electricity to operate. It comes complete with a mounting kit to mount the power unit and 3 guns with retractable coils, to provide a hygienic method of teat spraying.
Ambic JetStream vacuum-operated Teat Spray System is the most advanced device of its kind.
Teat disinfection is widely recognized as the single best prevention against costly mastitis, and the Ambic JetStream is the best way to apply all types of recognized teat spray chemicals. Vacuum-operated JetStream turns itself on or off with the vacuum system, eliminating the need for power switches or electricity. The spray guns are operable when they are needed, when the milking machines are running. The three guns supplied are the Classic lever-style gun with adjustable spray nozzle and comfortable ergonomic grip. The JetStream Power Unit features important improvements over the older model ATS400. The high-volume diaphragm pump features Variable Demand technology, which maintains consistent spray volume, even when up to five spray guns are in use. An adjustable pressure regulator valve makes the JetStream suitable for teat dips of hight viscosity, and the power unit case features snap-in, snap-out components for ease of servicing and repair. The smooth plastic case is rounded, rugged, and designed for easy installation with a push-in fitting for the vacuum line.
AJS1000 JetStream teat Spray System comes complete with power unit, tubing, three blue Classic Style guns, Blue.
Wt. 14.5 lbs.