Ambic Jetstream Teat Sprayer button Style Gun - choice of colors

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Button Style Gun
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The JetStream gun, which provides a dense circular spray patter for better coverage than ordinary spray guns, is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use.
The gun trigger and valve mechanism are totally encapsulated to keep out dirt and provide extra protection against breakage.
A raised button marks the "sweet spot" on the trigger which activates easily when the gun is under pressure.
works with teat spray system
AJS1000 Ambic Jetstream Teat Sprayer system
ATS400  Ambic Classic Teat Sprayer system
included in kit:
AJS2414- 06 blue drop kit 
AJS2414 - 07 green drop kit
related spare parts
ATS406 coil tubing 
Imported from the UK
Original Ambic parts