Ambic Vision 2000 Mastitis Detector for 5/8 & 9/16 milk hose

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Vision2000 In-Line Mastitis Detector.
AV/2001 Use with 5/8 (16mm) or 9/16 milk tubing. Detailed images show item in use.
  • Easily installed in the long milk tube
  • No decrease in peak flow rates or drop in vacuum levels during normal milking
  • Cleans in position
  • Made entirely from FDA approved materials
  • Large black screen for easy visual check for clots
  • Large clear body for clear view of clots on screen
  • By-pass ensures milk and air flow even when blocked
Vision2000 In-Line Mastitis Detector from Ambic has been especially designed for high-volume dairy cows. 100% reliable means of detecting clinical mastitis, the Vision2000 positively detects the presence of mastitis clots without interfering with the smooth, rapid flow of milk away from the udder. An improved bypass assures no milk or air flow restrictions even while mastitis is present. Made of durable, high quality food-grade materials, the Vision2000 fits 5/8" tubing and features a rounded, ergonomically designed handle and smooth fit for ease of use.
12 month warranty 
Made in UK by Ambic
Spare Parts;
1180-047  Package of O-rings (6 pack)
1180-046  Replacement Screens (2 pack)