Box for disbudding or tattooing Kids / lambs

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Disbudding, Dehorning & Tattoo box  Made In USA
Shipping Dimension; 7x19x24
 This box fits normal to large kids. For smaller kids, simply stuff a towel in the bottom to raise the kids.
Tattooing Directions; Use green ink. This is easiest to read when the kids become adults. For dark skinned animals, hold a flashlight behind the ear to see the digits. Clean grease and dirt from the skin surface with cotton swabs or a cloth dipped in alcohol. Let the skin dry. Check tattoo applicator for correct digits. Place tattoo ink on skin surface. apply pliers with enough pressure to puncture skin. Make the imprint with a quick, firm movement. Apply more ink/paste and rub ink in the punctures continuously for at least 15 seconds to insure penetration (an old toothbrush is excellent for working ink/paste into the tattoo area). This is important. Do not disturb the tattoo for up to 3 weeks while it heals. For dairy goats; Right Ear - Breeders letters Left Ear - Birth year letter plus individual ID number ADGA & AGS preferred
Tattoo Letter for kids born in 2018 is K
2017 is J 2016 is H 2015 is F 2014 is E 2013 is D
Note that meat goats use different digits. check with your association before you apply the tattoo. once applied you can not fix a mistake!
Disbudding / Dehorning Directions; Kids should be disbudded at 4 to 10 days of age. When they are just a few days old, you will be able to clearly feel a small horn bud and know the proper place to put the hot iron. No bud could mean a polled (hornless) animal. If no bud is felt come back in 2 or 3 days and check again. Timing is very important. Check frequently. Buck kids (male) horns grow faster than (female) doelings. Nubian horns grow more slowly than the horns on other breeds. A Swiss breed kid's or LaMancha buck's horns may be visible at 4 days of age, while the horns on a Nubian doeling may not emerge until she is a month old. the older they get and the more likely you will get horn regrowth called scurs. The goat kids head needs to be held still for accurate work and safety of the young goat and the human performing this procedure. Use this disbudding box to hold your kids during the disbudding procedure. It helps keep kids immobilized and allows you to put your attention where it needs to be, applying the hot iron to the proper place on the kid's head. How long you hold the iron to the skin depends on which device you use to dehorn and how large the bud is. With a hotter, higher-watt iron such as the Rhinehart X30 and X50, we typically burn 6 to 15 seconds. We always test the iron on a scrap of soft wood to see how quickly it burns a black circle. If the horn bud is large, we may burn once, let the head cool down, and then burn again. A proper burn leaves a copper-colored ring over the horn bud. It is best to clip around the horn area before disbudding. This enables you to watch the color change and eliminates the smell of burning hair. Vaccinate kids for tetanus before you do any disbudding or scur removal. Buck Kids are best disbudded with the tear drop shape end on the X-50 Check disbudded kids every 2 to 3 months for scur growth. If you find even a very tiny bit of horn, heat up the iron again and burn the horn area. That small scur may turn into a large problem by the time the goat is an adult. It's easy to eliminate scurs when the goat is still young.