Supply Kit for Kidding and Lambing

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Prepare for Kidding / lambing season!
Supply Kit for Kidding and Lambing Condition: Fresh New products
O.B. leg snare for pulling kids or lambs
O.B. Lube
10 x shoulder length poly gloves
10 x Cord Clamps
5 x Micro Fiber Towels
Pritchard Nipple - screws on to pop bottle (Pepsi bottle is not included)
2 x Formula 911 electrolyte formula for treating scours Fortified Vitamin B Gel for kids and lambs by Kaeco
Omega 3 Drench for kids or lambs by Kaeco (compare to Nutri-Drench)
8 oz bottle with pump Colostrum Oral Gel by Kaeco
Kid Saver feeding kit for weak lambs or kids that are too weak to nurse or take a bottle
Cradle Carrier for lambs or kids
2 x Hamby 10 quart poly pails
all items available individually