Conde® Model 3 Vacuum pump & oiler

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Conde Model 3 replacement pump head and oiler system.
This Conde vacuum pump is a direct replacement for Hamby Dairy Supply 1 HP pumps. Also replaces pumps sold by Conde, Coburn, Caprine Supply, Nasco, and other distributors of dairy equipment. This pump can be retrofitted as a replacement for the old Surge SP11 and RV pumps.
Brand new OEM Conde vacuum pump and oil system.
OL03CC91 Counter Clockwise rotation
UPS shippable. (41# box size 12x12x12)
Conde Model 3 Vapor Oil Vacuum pump specs
  •  8.0 cfm @ 15" Hg (with 3/4 or 1 hp motor)
  • 440 RPM - 5.45 inch pump pulley
  • 3.25 inch Motor pulley
  • 3/4, 1, or 1.5 hp motor recommended
We also sell rebuild kits for Conde Model 3 vacuum pumps, Surge Alamo vacuum pumps, Westfalia vacuum pumps, Delaval 76 and 78 vacuum pumps, Masport pumps and Bou-Matic FR series vacuum pumps.