Repair Kit for Conde® Model 3 Vacuum Pump

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Complete Rebuild Kit for Conde Model 3 Vapor oil vacuum pump.
This pump has an oil reservoir on top of the pump.
These pumps are sold by Hamby Dairy Supply, Conde, Coburn, Team, Meltec, Parts Department, Ezee Milking and other distributors/manufacturers of dairy equipment
Rebuild Kit includes
  • 4 Vanes
  • 2 bearings
  • 2 seals
  • spacers
  • screws
  • shims
  • 2 end plate gaskets
  • 2 oil wicks
Vanes are 3 1/4 inches long
This kit is made of all new OEM Conde parts.
Made in USA by Westmoor aka Conde brand
Replacement pump head and complete portable vacuum system at link below
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